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Getting in to Tibet

By Overland & Organized Tours:

Tibet has well access by land; normally travelers are involved with fixed package basis and well organized overland tours. Once travelers those who have arranged tour as a fixed package and obtained entry permit for the tour can arrive in Lhasa via any cities of mainland China. Simply travelers can catch the train which is regular connection from many cities of China to Lhasa.  

Other options overland travel to Tibet can also arranged tour from Kathmandu, Nepal. Which follows the overland tour entire Tibet and after completing the fixed tour duration travelers must exit via land or flight.  

By air:

Travelers those who are arriving by air in China from any parts of world can connect the flight to Lhasa directly or indirectly.

Air China weekly flight operates KATHMANDU and LHASA every Saturday & Tuesday from January- March then every Sunday, Saturday, Tuesday & Thursday March-May and July-October every day flight. The 55 minute flight offers spectacular views of the Himalayas and the southern Tibetan plateau.


Art objects and antiques in Tibet fall under special restrictions forbidding their export. Anything made before 1959 is considered an antique. Rugs may be bought and exported, so may the small religious objects that are sold in open markets, providing only one or two are taken as souvenirs. Customs officials have been known to confiscate jewelries or other objects if they consider that a tourist has purchased 'too much'.

Visa Information

Only tour groups are officially allowed to enter into Tibet. But another option to enter Tibet you need a valid Chinese visa and align travel permit. You won't obtain the Chinese visa if you apply to go to Tibet (state any place except Tibet in the visa application form). You want to go to China, and require a valid visa to China.

If you are willing to obtain your visas in Kathmandu also possible, you should arrive in Kathmandu at least 2-3 days prior to departure to Tibet. The visas can also be arranged within a day paying emergency charge. Please be sure that the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu will open for visa application from 10 to 11 AM only 3 days in a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

Tibet Permit-Travel Documents  

Traveling in Tibet, you need not only China Visa but also Tibet permit. There are 3 kinds of permits, Tibet Entry Permit (TTB permit), Tibet Travel Permit (PSB permit) and Military Permit. All these permits are required together and necessary documents are arranged by your tour operator.


Passport must be valid and issued in your country, but please make sure your passport is personal/normal type, according to the regulation of government of China, the person who holds official passport has to be arranged by Foreign Affairs Office of Government, it will be much more complex. Travel agency can not arrange the travel service in Tibet for diplomats, government officers, or journalists.

China Visa:

Basically, travel in China you need China Toursim Visa, type "L", or China Business Visa, type"F";China Students Visa, type"X"; China Work Visa, type"Z". These types visa are able to arrange the Tibet Permit.

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